Grant's Mechanical Inc. believes this is a strength that cannot be matched by any other Mechanical or Electrical Contractor in the area.  Our instructors are our senior employees who have gone through training to become certified instructors.

We are an accredited and recognized Federal Apprentice School in the following skilled trades:    


  • Sheet Metal 

  • HVAC (2-year tech. school preferred)

  • Pipefitting 

  • Electrical (2-year tech. school preferred)

  • Plumbing

Each of these programs follows Federal (Department of Labor), State(s) as well as trade association guidelines for combining the theory of the trade in a classroom (9 months a year for 4 years) and on the job training with skilled, knowledgeable and trained licensed Journeymen (8000 hours). Our students not only learn how to install mechanical and electrical systems but the concepts behind the designs, how they work, and how the systems inter-relate to one another. Our students (i.e., apprentices) learn the newest technologies, trends, changes in industry standards, and advances in their chosen field.  In addition, the majority of our journeymen take a fifth year of training dealing with management, business issues and project management so that they can understand how businesses operate, succeed, and prosper.

Installing a mechanical and/or electrical system is expensive and difficult to modify or change once installed and if installed incorrectly can be costly to maintain for years to come.  Protect your investment by choosing Grant's Mechanical Inc. and our highly trained professional staff to design, install and maintain to keep your business up and running today and into the future.